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The Center for Advanced Medicine© (CAM) is a concept that helps physicians who are economically separate enjoy many of the benefits available to large physician group practices and bring services to their patients that they otherwise could not afford to provide. It was developed by Webb Associates, Inc.  Utilizing our experience over the years with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. The CAM consists of a large regional medical office building with comprehensive services including imaging, laboratory, physical therapy, women’s center and offices for primary care physicians and as many specialties as the patient base can justify. The center sometimes also include emergency departments, sleep lab, ambulatory surgery, cancer center and cosmetic practices.

The CAM can provide single source scheduling for all services in the building plus organize and sponsor activities such as: chronic disease management, pathology screening programs, health fairs and patient education. Many payers will increase reimbursement to physicians who participate in these activities.

One of the unique features that can be available to physicians who choose to lease space in the building if they want to participate is the “Center for Advanced Medicine” or (CAM). The activities of the CAM can be funded through grants from vendors as a not-for-profit community benefit organization. For example, TAP Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Lupron funded a $20,000 grant to screen men at high risk for prostate cancer in one CAM and the CAM found 65 suspicious cases. Interested groups can agree to be a sponsor of, and participate in the activities planned by the CAM.

Some of the activities include:

  • Support groups for chronic disease patients such as diabetics, asthmatics and chronic heart and lung disease patients. In some areas of the country, the insurance companies have reduced the fees they will pay to primary care physicians unless they can show that their chronic disease patients are being managed for compliance with medication and health monitoring. These programs help the physicians achieve maximum reimbursement and improve the lives of their patients.
  • Disease detection screening programs can be conducted to find undiagnosed patients with a variety of illnesses. One CAM found 200 cases of undetected cardiovascular disease by screening 1,000 people recruited from a targeted population.
  • Patient education on such issues as women’s health, child rearing, diet and health, living with cancer or coping with Alzheimer’s disease have all been conducted through CAM sponsorship. Basically, the CAM links all interested groups in the building along with the hospital to develop a community benefit program financed in part by funds from vendors and the hospital. The physicians contribute their time and talent. The CAM significantly increases community support for its sponsors and builds physician practices quickly.

Webb Associates, Inc. has developed tested legal structures to ensure that the CAM fits all Stark and kickback regulations. The CAM can create strong patient and physician loyalty and recruit patients from a very large distance because of its “one stop shopping” design. More information on this exciting new concept is available on request from Webb Associates, Inc.