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Webb Associates has unmatched expertise in all areas of management for physicians practice groups, hospitals, clinics and regional healthcare systems. Whether you’re looking for operation improvement in a specific areas or improvement throughout the entire organization, Webb Associates’ systematic approach ensures synergy and improved understanding to ensure a successful project. A healthcare organization is only as strong as it weakest link; so we are committed to seeing that all departments of your organization work effectively, in unison. Our goal: helping your organization achieve its fullest potential.

Webb Associates practice areas include:

  • Strategic plan development
    • Master Strategic and Business Plan Development
    • Organizational Analysis
    • Market Analysis
  • Operational Improvement
    • Benchmarking Group and Individual Performance with “National Benchmarking Practices”©
    • Patient Scheduling, Workflow and Capacity Management
    • Nursing Productivity Analysis and Improvement
    • Accreditation Compliance
  • Physician/Health System Relationships
    • Medical Staff Organization Analysis and Design, Including Chief Medical Officer Coaching
    • Physician Alignment Strategy Development
    • Hospital/Physician Joint Venture Design
    • ASC/Imaging Development

  • Interim Corporate Administration
  • Hospital-Based Physician Department Services
    • Physician Contract Development
    • Work and Patient Flow Maximization
    • Capital Equipment Life Cycle Plan Development
  • Organization of Primary Care and Specialty Physicians
  • Revenue Cycle Redesign And Enhancement
    • Clinical Documentation Management (Coding and Compliance)
    • Financial Turnaround Assistance
    • Underpayment and Bad Debt Recovery Services
    • ASC coding, billing, collecting
  • Financial Plan Development
    • Forecasting and Modeling
    • Capital Structure Strategies
  • Provider Compensation Design
    • Income Distribution Plan Development and Revision
  • Disease Management and Gain Sharing Program Design
    • Physician “Pay-for-Performance”
    • Chronic Disease Management